Hanovre, le 20 mars 2017

CeBIT 2017 : Huawei œuvre pour la  transformation digitale des entreprises aux côtés d’une centaine de ses partenaires

CeBIT 2017 : Huawei œuvre pour la  transformation digitale des entreprises aux côtés d’une centaine de ses partenaires

  • Durant le CeBIT 2017, qui se déroule en ce moment à Hanovre, Huawei réunit à ses côtés 100 de ses partenaires pour présenter sa stratégie de transformation digitale et ses ambitions en la matière, avec différents stands mettant en avant les expertises de sa filiale Entreprise.  
  • Cette nouvelle édition du CeBIT est l’occasion pour Huawei de présenter son programme « Global OpenLab » pour promouvoir l’implantation de sa stratégie « Plateforme + Ecosystème », afin de rassembler ses partenaires dans un effort commun d’innovation. Toujours dans cette mécanique d’expansion, Huawei ouvrira 20 OpenLabs dans le monde entier d’ici 2019, pour un investissement de 200 millions de dollars.
  • Pour Yan Lida, Président Huawei Enterprise Business Group : « Notre but est d’être le meilleur partenaire pour accompagner les entreprises dans leur transformation digitale en créant un environnement « gagnant-gagnant » et en continuant de collaborer avec des partenaires clés de l’industrie. C’est pour atteindre cet objectif que Huawei va implémenter sa stratégie « Plateforme + Ecosystème » afin de faciliter cette transition. »
  • « Cette plateforme met l’accent sur la synergie avec le cloud, alors que notre écosystème est axé client et se concentre sur la création d’un environnement mutuellement bénéfique pour un développement dans la durée. Huawei met ainsi en œuvre sa stratégie « Plateforme + Ecosystème » et travaille en étroite collaboration avec ses clients et partenaires afin de les aider à entrer dans  une nouvelle ère numérique. Huawei tire ainsi parti des expériences solides et des compétences acquises lors de sa propre transformation numérique » conclut Diana Yan, President of Marketing and Solutions Sales Department, Huawei EBG. 

Huawei Attends CeBIT 2017 with 100 Partners to Advance Digital Transformation

Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Transformation

At CeBIT 2017 from March 20 to 24, 2017, Huawei is joining hands with 100 partners to exhibit ICT strategies and solutions under the theme of « Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Transformation ». In a booth of over-3500 square meters located at C30 in Hall 2 of the Hannover Exhibition Center, Huawei is demonstrating innovative ICT and solutions across business, technology, and ecosystem exhibition areas, and is sharing digital transformation best practices and methodologies to help global customers and partners advance their digital businesses.

Huawei Enterprise Business Group’s strategy and goals are aligned with CeBIT 2017’s theme of « d!conomy – no limits », providing decision-makers with guidance on economic and public management, digital society, and digital transformation. 

Photo caption: Huawei joined hands with 100 partners to exhibit at CeBIT 2017

Platform and Ecosystem, Two Driving Forces on the Road to Digital Transformation

Huawei’s enterprise business is based on a deep understanding of industry digital transformation, and the company unveiled its “Platform + Ecosystem” strategy at the tradeshow.

Yan Lida, President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “Huawei’s business positioning is focused on being the best partner to enable a digital society, intelligent social development, and industry digital transformation. We propose a ‘platform + ecosystem’ strategy which is based on large investments in new technologies, such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, mobile broadband and SDN, to create an open, flexible, secure and agile ICT infrastructure platform. By building a win-win ecosystem and collaborating extensively with partners we are helping customers achieve success in digital transformation.”

At the CeBIT Global Conferences CEO Keynote, Diana Yuan, President of Marketing and Solutions Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “Our ‘Platform’ emphasizes cloud-pipe-device synergy, while our ‘Ecosystem’ is customer-centric and focuses on creating a mutually beneficial environment for sustainable development. Huawei implements the ‘Platform + Ecosystem’ strategy and works closely with customers and partners to help them embrace the digital era by leveraging the solid and rich experiences and capabilities gained from our own digital transformation.”

At CeBIT 2017, Huawei is launching the Global OpenLab Program to promote implementation of the « Platform + Ecosystem » strategy. This Program will bring together leading business partners to build capabilities to innovate industry-specific solutions, providing the building blocks of an ICT ecosystem that powers the future smart society. Huawei plans to set up a further 15 OpenLabs in the following three years, with a total investment of USD 200 million. By the end of 2019, there will be a total of 20 OpenLabs worldwide.

« Business », « Technology », and « Ecosystem »: Demonstrating New ICT Infrastructure with 100 Partners

Huawei’s « Business », « Technology », and « Ecosystem » exhibition areas at CeBIT 2017 demonstrate innovative ICT products, solutions, and success stories.

The « Business » exhibition area demonstrates Huawei’s solutions that enable customers’ digital transformation and highlights success stories in seven industries, including smart city, finance, manufacturing, electric power, transportation, media, and ISP. The « Technology » exhibition area demonstrates Huawei’s new ICT infrastructure based on « cloud-pipe-device » synergy. The infrastructure integrates seven core technologies, including IoT (with security), open cloud, data center infrastructure, all-cloud-based networks (with security), cloud communications, enterprise wireless, and services. The entire booth showcases the results of Huawei’s cooperation with 100 partners, including leading companies such as SAP, Accenture, Infosys, T-Systems, KUKA, Hexagon, Thales, Alstom and Siemens, to construct a sustainable ecosystem together.

Joint Announcements of Major Partnerships and Sharing of Digital Transformation Methods and Practices

Over one-third of the Fortune 500 companies have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner and over 40% of these companies rank as the world’s top 100. At CeBIT 2017, Huawei and leading industry partners will announce joint solutions and share success stories, including:

  • In the smart city arena, Huawei and Veolia are jointly rolling out a Storm Water and Flood Management Solution based on NB-IoT to scientifically set up emergency measures. In addition, Huawei and Frequentis are jointly developing an open ecosystem for public safety solutions to enable safer cities. Huawei and Honeywell are also jointly launching a smart building solution that enables intelligent management of buildings and reduce energy consumption.
  • In the finance industry, Accenture will share a financial Big Data solution based on Huawei’s Big Data platform. Huawei and Infosys are jointly launching the Finacle@Kunlun solution to help banks reconstruct IT infrastructure and upper-layer applications.
  • In the energy industry, Huawei is joining hands with SAP to release an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution that enables the construction of a power IoT ecosystem in the Smart Grid age. With the joint efforts of State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company, Huawei is unveiling a wireless dedicated power network solution to help power companies implement automated power distribution and intelligent metering.
  • In the transportation industry, Huawei and transportation industry technology solutions provider Indra is signing a global cooperation MOU, based on Huawei’s global R&D platform to jointly develop end-to-end transportation ICT solutions to help expand the market.
  • In the media industry, Huawei and Sony are jointly rolling out a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) matrix IP solution to develop global radio and television companies broadcast vehicles and mobile video systems.
  • In the public cloud area, customers that are using the Open Telekom Cloud jointly developed by Huawei and Deutsche Telekom will share the latest applications of the solution – the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) will share its experience of applying the Open Telekom Cloud in the Helix Nebulae Science Cloud project; German lighting system manufacturer SLV is announcing that it will deploy an IoT platform based on the Open Telekom Cloud and launch smart home projects.

In the future, Huawei will continue to build a sustainable ecosystem and invest in industry and commercial alliances, the open source community, and developer platforms. With these efforts, Huawei aims to harness the advantages of its partners to build a symbiotic and vibrant community of common interest.

CeBIT 2017 is held at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany, from March 20 to 24, 2017. The Huawei booth is located at C30 of Hall 2. For more details, please visit: