Huawei Partner Summit 2017 : Retour sur l’événement parisien dédié aux partenaires européens et français du groupe

Huawei Partner Summit 2017 : Retour sur l’événement parisien dédié aux partenaires européens et français du groupe

  • Ces 11 et 12 avril, Huawei a réuni ses clients et partenaires autour du thème « Partenariats dans la transformation numérique » et en a profité pour revenir sur ses résultats et ses actualités partenaires à échelle européenne et locale.
  • Cette année, Huawei poursuit ses efforts pour aider ses partenaires à améliorer le service client et à développer des capacités spécifiques à l’industrie. Le revenu moyen par partenaire a considérablement augmenté en 2016 et continuera à croître dans les années à venirLes ventes indirectes  ont atteint 90% en 2016.
  • Pour Leon He, Président de Huawei Enterprise Europe de l’Ouest : « Alors que les entreprises poursuivent leur transition vers l’ère numérique, Huawei aspire à être un facilitateur. Nous fournissons des infrastructures IT à travers le cloud, les câbles et autres devices pour permettre aux entreprises de rester compétitives. En étroite collaboration avec nos partenaires, nous proposons des solutions innovantes adaptées aux besoins des clients. Nous nous engageons avec notre écosystème partenaire à bâtir une communauté qui ouvre la voie à la transformation numérique du monde ».


Huawei Celebrates a Sustainable Partner Ecosystem at Partner Summit 2017

Partnering into digital transformation

[Paris, France, April 12, 2017] Huawei, a leading global information and technology communications technology (ICT) solution provider, celebrated successful partnerships at this year’s Partner Summit. The summit ran under the theme of “Partnering into Digital Transformation” in keeping with the company’s continued commitment to collaborative digitalisation.

Digital transformation is critical for enterprises to survive in the new digitally-engaged world. Organisations will need to embrace this revolution to optimize customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive business innovation and growth.

Leon He, President of Huawei Enterprise Western Europe, said during the summit: “As the business community continues its transition into the digital age, Huawei aspires to be an ‘enabler’. We provide one-stop enterprise ICT infrastructures across cloud, pipe and device to enable enterprises to stay competitive. Hand-in-hand with our partners, we deliver industry-leading ICT solutions tailored to customer needs. We, together with our partners and customers, are committed to building a community that leads the way in digitally transforming the world. ”

Partner Ecosystem

As part of the digital transformation community, Huawei’s Western European enterprise partner ecosystem and industry chain talent alliance has truly blossomed. At the end of 2016, Huawei Enterprise Western Europe counted more than 1000 channel partners, over 40 solution partners, more than 230 service partners, and approximately 1500 Huawei certified engineers.

« We are very excited as we see our extended partnership with Huawei provide a broader range of cloud solutions for our customers, » said Rick Theiler, WW Vice President, Global Resell Partners & OEM’s at Commvault. « As our customers continue to move towards a digital future, with increasing business value delivered through compliant, cloud-enabling data management – this collaboration with Huawei will only strengthen our business in EMEA and around the world. »

In 2017, Huawei will continue to strive in assisting partners to improve customer service and develop industry-specific capabilities to better construct the industry ecosystem. The average revenue per partner has grown significantly in 2016 and will continue to do so in the coming years. Six years ago, Huawei saw a small portion of indirect sales, growing to more than 90% indirect sales by 2016 – a testimony to Huawei’s dedication to its partner ecosystem. Huawei seeks to optimize its policies and strengthen investment in incentives, talent training, and joint marketing, providing strong foundations for the entire ecosystem.

Huawei will undertake the following measures:

  • To protect all interests of partners and ensure the healthy development of the ecosystem, we will impose a unified framework of polices for our network of partners around the world, while ensuring these policies are effectively observed
  • Focus on improving the skills of our partners, rather than the growth of our partner base. Increase their ROI and the reach of the solutions they can provide and continue to develop the expert eco-system of industry ICT leaders in respective verticals
  • Enhance our network of OpenLabs in Western Europe, building two more OpenLabs in London and Paris for joint innovation, development, validation and experience of joint solutions for mutual customers
  • At the Partner Summit, which took place over two days, speakers gave insights of digital transformation, the progress of the company, channel strategies, cloud technology as well as collaborative innovations including the introduction of Huawei new all-flash storage system, OceanStor Dorado V3.

    OceanStor Dorado V3

    OceanStor Dorado V3 is the only all-flash array that features flash-oriented storage OS, chips, and Solid State Drive (SSD) end-to-end in-depth optimization. It provides 4 million IOPS while maintaining outstanding performance (with 500 μs consistent latency) and flash efficiency, capable of meeting the demand for processing overloaded services.

    To address the high-reliability requirements for enterprise storage, OceanStor Dorado V3 adopts the patented flash reliability assurance technology of Huawei to extend the flash life threefold, while providing a gateway-free HyperMetro active-active solution to ensure the high availability of services.

    In addition to ensuring high performance, OceanStor Dorado V3 perfectly embodies the high efficiency of the cloud era. Its inline deduplication and compression technology increases the storage space usage rate by three times and reduces overall TCO by more than 70%.

    Ruiqi Fan, Senior Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Western Europe points out: « As early as six years ago, Huawei foresaw the immense potential for flash memory and released the first-generation all-flash products. This enabled Huawei to accumulate rich experience in and market opportunities for flash memory. OceanStor Dorado V3, emerging in response to the demand for core overload applications, possesses leading characteristics that existing products in the industry do not feature and speeds-up enterprises’ core applications without compromising reliability and data processing efficiency. »

    Partner Awards

    The event saw a celebration of key Huawei partners at its annual Partner Awards.  A full list of award winners is provided below. Huawei’s partner ecosystem is a core focus of the organisation, and Huawei is committed to helping partners transform to an all cloud era.

    Huawei’s Partner Summit 2017 was held in Palais de Congres in Paris, France from April 11 to 12.  

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    Note to editors:

    A full list of awards winners is provided below:

  • Distributor of the Year 2016 – EDSLAN srl & Arrow Group
  • VAP of the Year 2016 – Econocom Products and Solutions
  • WEU EBG Cloud Partner 2016         – Orange Business Services 
  • Breakthrough Partner of the Year 2016 – Clustervision Limited & BKM 
  • Best Channel Service Qualified Partner IT – APOGEO ITS srl       
  • Best Channel Service Qualified Partner IP – TenICT B.V.
  • IP Partner of the Year 2016 – Abraxas Informatik AG      
  • IT Partner of the Year 2016 – AnylinQ B.V.
  • UCC Partner of the Year 2016 – 2VG Soluções Informáticas S.A. 
  • Solution Partner of the Year 2016 – MEDIA POWER SRL   
  • Alliance Partner of the Year 2016 – Commvault    
  • Innovation Partner of the Year 2016 – REVENGA Ingenieros S.A.
  • Best Project Delivery Partner IT – Go Virtual         
  • HALP of Year 2016 – KLABS
  • Best Project Delivery Partner IP- Thales España Grp SAU